• Benefit Beauty

    Bringing out the Best Skin in You

    "We strongly advocate that beautiful skin can be achieved by everyone"


    The treatments that we provide can change the way you live, look and feel about yourself.


    We formulate the optimal skincare treatment, beauty regime and offer skincare products exclusively suited for your skin.


    We change the way you think about having the perfect complexion for yourself.


    Exude your confidence by having the best skin in you!

  • Location

    "We are diagonal from Braddell MRT's Exit B"

  • Treatments


    "The power to do simple skincare routines that is sustainable and most effective on each individual"



    Customising all treatments suited to individual's skin type and lifestyle.





    Facial Treatments

    Each treatment is customised according to each individual based on your skin condition and lifestyle.




    Experienced in-house aestheticians with international accreditation from Cedesco - The World Standard for Beauty and Spa Therapy. Vouching for a high aptitude for skincare, beauty and wellness knowledge, to provide the optimal skincare solution to for you.

    FOC Exclusive Skin Assessment for all first-timers: Support us on our social media! 

    Valid for all walk-ins, show us your post on social media to receive the free consultation!

  • Products

    We provide a wide range of products specially crafted for your skin.


  • In-House Beauticians

    We are a humble local set-up with the Head Aesthetician, COO, CFO and CEO headed by Joyce,

    (otherwise known as "THE BOSS")


    We have in-house freelancers too!

    Tim Cook


    "The Boss"


    Joyce has over 30 years of beauty and wellness experience.

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